Snippet – Main Activities – RESULT 2

This programme seeks to assist Member States move towards regulatory convergence through harmonisation and standardisation of the following aspects of road transport policy and regulation. These standards and regulations have been developed and the majority have been validated:

  • Vehicle Dimensions and Equipment Standards
  • Vehicle Testing Stations and Procedures
  • Transport Operator Registration
  • Transportation of Abnormal Loads
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Training and Licensing of Commercial Drivers
  • Third Party Motor Vehicle Insurance Schemes
  • Road Transport Management Standards (Self-Regulation)

The following illustrative activities to achieve the desired harmonisation and standardisation of transport and transit policy, laws, regulations, systems and standards are proposed:

2.1 Training, capacity building and technical assistance (TA) to designated regulatory agencies to strengthen their capacity to implement required national transport regulatory reforms, enforce agreed measures and to coordinate with other Member States on joint and cross border activities.

2.2 Provision of TA to develop model laws and regulations for the different legal regimes in the region and for domestication at Member State level;2.3 Support the development of national transport regulatory monitoring systems.