Snippet – Main Activities – Result 3

The specifications providing the system architecture for an EA-SA Transports Register Information Platform and System (TRIPS) have been developed and validated and approved by the SADC Ministers. Preliminary assessment indicates that while some countries are already fully compliant with the proposed Transport and Operator Systems, others are not and the extent of the gap is variable. Furthermore, a harmonised legal framework for cross- border road transport operations (in the form of a Multilateral Cross-Border Transport Agreement – MCBRTA) is necessary before the TRIPS can be implemented.

This project will undertake all the necessary preparations to create the conditions for the deployment of TRIPS. This includes the following activities:

3.1 Assistance to domestication by member states of the MCBRTA in order to, among others, facilitate joint regulation, data sharing and joint management of TRIPS;

3.2 Assistance in the development of national transport information systems and national transport operator registers in order to make them compatible with the TRIPS specifications;

3.4 Strengthening the capacity of existing transport regulatory agencies that manage national and the regional registers;

3.5 Development of centralised data systems and data protection communications protocols;

3.6 Development of arbitration rules and procedures;3.7 An institution to manage and operate the TRIPS needs to be identified and/or established. The process of identification of potential candidate institutions will be undertaken during the implementation of this programme.