Snippet – Main Activities – Result 4

The majority of corridors lack formally defined governance and legal frameworks and do not have coordinated elaborated corridor development plans to guide joint actions by beneficiary Member States. To address these deficiencies the following measures are foreseen:

4.1 Assistance in implementation of Multilateral Cross Border Road Transport Agreement;

4.2 Support the implementation of harmonised cross border third party motor vehicle insurance schemes in the 6 countries that are currently not part of the COMESA Yellow Card system;

4.3 Rapid needs assessments and design of targeted corridor transport and transit facilitation measures on priority corridors, focusing on transport-related barriers that need policy, legal or regulatory changes in offending countries;

4.5 Strengthening corridor governance legal and institutional frameworks. This will entail finalisation of the development, signing and ratification of the MoUs for the North South Corridor, Lobito, Nacala, Beira Corridors and Djibouti Corridor and assistance in their implementation;

4.6 Support the development of corridor performance monitoring systems.